Abdur Rashid Kardar - The Founder Of Lollywood

Qasim Khan Lahore

Abdur Rashid Kardar (b:1904–d:1989), aka A.R. Kardar, was an actor and film director/film producer. He is credited as establishing the film industry in the Bhati Gate locality of Lahore.

He was an arts scholar and a calligraphist working for foreign film companies, but after the success of the 1924 silent film The Daughters of Today made in Lahore, Kardar saw a viable future for a film industry with the writers and poets of Bhati Gate. In 1928, he and fellow calligraphist Muhammad Ismail sold their belongings to set up a crude studio and production company under the name of United Players Corporation on Ravi Road, the foundation stone for the film industry in Lahore, now caled Lollywood.