Jado Ghar
Jado Ghar

Jado Ghar / Magic House / Freemason's Hall

Siddique Shahzad Lahore

Jado Ghar / Magic House / Freemason's Hall, Charing Cross Lahore.

The first Masonic Temple of the Lodge of Hope and Perseverance was built in 1859 at Anarkali, Lahore. Its site on Lodge Road is now occupied by Lady Maclagan Government High School.

The second Masonic Temple was built in 1914 at charing cross, the mall, on land that had once been a garden. The new temple was designed by Basil M. Sullivan, Consulting Architect to the government of Punjab, and mirrored the Shah Din Building, across the street along the Queens Road. It was later renovated for use by the Punjab Chief Minister's Secretariat. Due to recent additions to the Shah Din building, the two buildings are no longer mirror images of each other.For many years, up to the early 1970s, The Masonic Temple remained vacant and desolate, with locals calling it the "Jadoo Ghar", or "magic house".

In 1972 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, then Prime Minister of Pakistan, placed a ban on Freemasonry and many other foreign organizations present in the country. The lodge was then disbanded and for a time the building was unused. It has been used as a multi-purpose Punjab government building.

In the late 1980s the Heritage Foundation Pakistan and concerned citizens of Lahore started a project to renovate the heritage buildings on the Mall road, including this building.