Nasir Kazmi - The Poet Of Melancholy

Qasim Khan Lahore

March 2, 1972, Nasir Kazmi, one of the greatest poets died in Lahore due to stomach cancer.

Kazmi started his poetic life in 1940 by following the style of Akhtar Sherani and wrote romantic poems and sonnets. Later he began writing ghazals under the guidance of Hafeez Hoshyarpuri. He was a great admirer of Mir Taqi Mir and probably the melancholy and "Ehsaas-e-Mehroomi" in his poetry was a direct result of that admiration. 

Nasir used to hum his poetic verses and this humming was appealing to many of his readers / listeners.

He migrated from Ambala, India to Lahore Pakistan in August 1947. He also worked as a Staff Editor in Radio Pakistan. He used to sit at Tea House and wander at Mall Road, Lahore with his friends. 

He was fond of eating, wandering and enjoying life. Normally people take him as a sad poet but most of his poetry is based on romantic happiness and the aspect of hope. 

kaun is raah se guzartaa hai

dil yuuN hii intizaar kartaa hai

dekh kar bhii na dekhne vaale

dil tujhe dekh dekh Dartaa hai

shah’r-e-gul meN gayii hai saarii raat

dekhiye din kahaaN guzartaa hai

dhyaan kii siiRhiyoN pe picchle pahar

ko’ii chupke se paaNv dhartaa hai

dil to meraa udaas hai “Nasir”

shah’r kyuuN saaeN saaeN kartaa hai

Nasir Kazmi