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Bhai Ram Singh - An Unforgettable Architect Of Lahore

Apart from the walled city and some Mughal buildings that existed earlier, the rest of the city was built in terms of what he designed.

He designed the Chiefs College (Aitchison College), Lahore Museum, the Mayo School of Arts (National...

  • 2015-11-02 - By siddique

Om Prakash - Once Lahore Ka Fateh Din

Actor Om Prakash was born in Koocha Beli Ram inside walled City of Lahore, on 19th January 1919, started his career at All India Radio - Lahore, with his famous character "Fatih Din" which was liked through out the Punjb and people started reco...

  • 2016-02-22 - By siddique

Remembering The Eminent Majid Nizami

Ahmad Sirhindi is most popularly known as ‘Mujaddid Alf Thani’, the title which accredits him of being the ‘reviver of the second millennium’ as he rejuvenated Islam and showed opposition against the heresies introduced ...

  • 2016-02-27 - By siddique

Poet Of The East

Ancestry and Birth:

The Sikhs were taking over the rule of Kashmir in the early nineteenth century. This was a life-threatening problem for a family who had then...

  • 2016-04-11 - By aminah

Kamini Kaushal: Lahore Is Home

VIEW : Kamini Kaushal: Lahore is home — Ishtiaq Ahmed

In spite of her 85 years, Kamini Kaushal was exceptionally eloquent as she shared her phenomenal down-the-memory-lane fund of stories about Lahore

As I continu...

  • 2016-05-17 - By siddique

A 1930s Rare Video Of Lahore

Watch A 1930s Rare Video of Lahore

  • 2016-08-22 - By siddique

Lahore Memories - Life In Lahore - 1930s

My father JCW Eustace, who was with the ICS up to Independence and who returned to Pakistan on trips for work in the 50's and 60's. Unfortunately he died a long time ago, most of these Lahore pictures belonged to him taken on occasions of weddi...

  • 2014-11-27 - By lahore

Sir Ganga Ram

Ganga Ram was born in 1851 in Mangtanwala, about 64 km from Lahore. His father, Doulat Ram was a junior Sub inspector at a Police Station in Mangtanwala. Later, he shifted to Amritsar and became a copy-writer of the Court. Here, Ganga Ram passe...

  • 2014-11-26 - By lahore

Ustad Daman

Ustad Daman (real name Chiragh Deen) (September 1911 - December 3, 1984) was a Punjabi poet and mystic.

A tailor by profession, he was the most celebrated Punjabi poet at the time of the Partition of British India in 1947.

In 19...

  • 2014-12-03 - By lahore

Tomb Of Jani Khan

Tomb of Jani Khan or Khan-i-Khanan is situated south of the road to Shalimar Gardens and to the southwest of garden of Mahabat Khan in Baghbanpura. The tomb was likely constructed during the reign of Mughal Emperor Muhammed Shah or his son Ahme...

  • 2014-12-09 - By lahore

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