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Jado Ghar / Magic House / Freemason's Hall

Jado Ghar / Magic House / Freemason's Hall, Charing Cross Lahore.

The first Masonic Temple of the Lodge of Hope and Perseverance was built in 1859 at Anarkali, Lahore. Its site on Lodge Road is now occupied by Lady Maclagan Government H...

  • 2016-11-16 - By siddique

Allama Ala-Ud-Din Siddiqui

Allama Ala-ud-din Siddiqui, was a freedom fighter, religious scholar, and educationalist who took an active part in the creation of Pakistan. He served as General Secretary of Punjab Muslim League in 1946-1947.

He established the Depart...

  • 2016-12-14 - By siddique

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