Tomb Of Nadira Begam

Qasim Khan Lahore

Tomb of Nadira Begam, is located in close proximity to the tomb of Hazrat Mian Mir. In order to view this 17th century structure, you should travel southeast on Allama Iqbal Road. Almost midway between the canal and railway line is a turning off Allama Iqbal Road (Mayo Road) on the right (south), from where a turning right and then left, leads you to the historic tomb and mosque of Mian Mir. Intercepted by a small road from the enclosure of the saint's mazar is a large garden on its east, in the middle of which stands the square tomb of Nadira Begam.

Nadira Begam was the wife of Prince Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Shah Jahan—the same poet-prince, who had served as governor of Lahore during the 1640s. At the time of his wife's death, Dara was on the run and fighting a losing battle for the Mughal throne—and literally his life—with his brother Aurangzeb. After the battle of Deorai (near Ajmer), dogged by Aurangzeb's forces Dara had fled towards Multan and Uchch trying to escape to Iran via the Bolan Pass.[1]