Bangla Ayub Shah

Siddique Shahzad Lahore

Bangla Ayub Shah is situated inside Kashmir Gate. Ayub ka Bangla was built in Sikh period. In 1849, it was taken over by a chieftain Ayub Shah who came from Afghanistan. He rebuilt the building and later sold it to the Afghan Royal’s  Chief  Shazada Sultan. In 1960 the family sold most part of the property and only one third of this famous Bangla is left.  Bangla Ayub Shah was important as the “secret escape tunnels” emerged from there and headed towards River Ravi and Delhi Darwaza.

It was a three storey building having two basements and a ground floor. Major portion of the building has fallen. The building was built with small size bricks. The roofs are wooden composed of beam and batten system. There is a roman style veranda on the front side. The exterior and interior is finished with lime plaster. 

The building is in City District Government Lahore’s possession. The building if restored is a masterpiece of architecture. The Walled City of Lahore aspires to restore this building in near future.