Kundan Lal (K L) Saigal Performance In Lahore

Qasim Khan Lahore

An Advert of K. L. Saigal Performance in Lahore c. 1937

More about the biography of KL Saigal. It was his travel as salesman that brought KL Saigal to Lahore, where he befriended Meharchand Jain. With a passion for music, both remained buddies even when they moved to Kolkata and had many a mehfil-e-mushaira. During that time, Kundan was an emerging singer and Meharchand always encouraged him to pursue his talent. As such, Kundan Lal Saigal's interest in music continued and become more intense with time.

This was the same All-India exhibition in Lahore which become the "first turning point" in Rafi's life at the age of 13. It featured a musical programme where popular singers of that time Kundan Lal Saigal and Zohra Bai Ambalewali were performing along with some new talents. Thousands of music lovers had turned up to listen to their favourites. Rafi too was a fan of K L Saigal and wanted to hear him sing, so he accompanied his elder brother to the event."

On a personal note by Pran Nevile, the writer of "Immortal Singer and Superstar, "I vividly remember Saigal’s live performance I witnessed at Lahore in December, 1937, during an All-India exhibition held at the Minto Park. By that time, Saigal was already a household name all over the country."