Governor House - Lahore

Government House (Now Governor House) - Lahore

This dining room, originally the upper story of the tomb of Mohammad Kasim Khan, a maternal cousin of Emperor Akbar, dating from 1635 and the grave is still located underneath this room. 

Historian, Syed Muhammad Latif and Kannahiya Lal both agree about a Mughal tomb at this place, build in Shahjehan’s reign, but both has raised conflicting accounts of who was actually buried here. According to Kannahiya Lal it was Saint Syed Badruddin Gilani, where Latif credits it to Kasim Khan.

In earlier times, a ground adjacent to the tomb was used as a 'akhaara' a wrestling ground, for this, the tomb was also known as Gumbuz Kushti Wala.

In the reign of Ranjit Singh, his Jamadar Khushal Singh, built a house around the tomb, later the building was acquired from Khushal Singh's successor Teja Singh with the exchange of property worth Rs. 2500 in Sialkot and was first utilized as a residence by deputy commissioner Major MacGregor, later in 1859 it was converted into Government House during the lieutenant governorship of Robert Montgomery.

Original tomb continued to exist on the ground floor, where its interior and furniture were designated by John Lockwood Kiping along with his talented student, Bhai Ram Singh.