19th Century Watercolor Drawings Of Lahore Monuments

Siddique Shahzad Lahore

Watercolour of a views of Lahore, Punjab, by an anonymous artists c. 1825-1880

Lahore has been subject to many different ruling dynasties over the centuries. As Mughal Emperor Akbar's capital city, Lahore, from 1584 to 1598, came the construction of some of the finest monuments in the Mughal Empire. Akbar built the massive Lahore Fort on the foundations of a previous fort and enclosed the city within a red brick wall boasting 12 gates. Jahangir and Shah Jahan both extended the fort, built palaces and tombs, and laid out gardens. During the 18th century, as Mughal power dwindled, there were constant invasions until the Sikh ruler, Ranjit Singh, invaded and took the city in 1799 and became Emperor. Since Independence from the British in 1947, Lahore has expanded rapidly as the capital of Pakistani Punjab. It is the second-largest city in the country and an important industrial center.

Source: British Library