Dilkusha Garden - Shahdra - Lahore

Qasim Khan Lahore

18th century woven presentation of Dilkusha Garden, Shahdra #Lahore

Bagh-i Dilkusha, a garden laid out by the empress Nur Jahan. Jahangir's tomb was built on the site on orders from Shah Jahan after his father's death in Kashmir in late 1627. 

The square garden was divided into four parts (the chahar bagh pattern) with water channels. There were fountains set in pools, and water flowing over the chutes provided a dazzling effect. Water for the tomb-garden was lifted from eight wells located immediately outside the enclosure wall. The water was lifted by means of Persian wheels to aqueducts running on top of the wall, and then into terracotta pipes feeding various fountains and tanks.