Haveli Nau Nihal Singh (Now Victoria Girls High School)

Faizan Khan Lahore

One of the few remaining royal residences from the Sikh period, this Haveli is situated inside the old walled city. Located between the historic Bhatti and Lohari gates, where Mori Gate once stood, a zigzag of narrow streets leads to an open area known as “Maidan Bahian”, once a large garden, the Haveli is situated at the edge of this field.

Currently, there is no remnant of the garden but the Haveli survives with its full glamour and decorative patterns.

It is an intact structure of over forty rooms with most elements of its original ornamentation preserved on the two main elevations and the interior courtyard facades. Rectangular in plan, the Haveli is a fairly large building. Its entrance is on the west side and the façade has been divided into two clear sections: one housing the entrance gate, which is abundantly decorated and the other is simple but has plenty of fenestration. If there was any decoration on this area, it has been destroyed by the ravages of time.

The building has a basement and four storyes above the ground level. On the four, two storeys encompass the whole area; the third storey is partially crumbled while the fourth stands in the northwestern corner and is called “Rang Mahal” - "The Palace of Colours".

Photo by UKPHA: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35729318@N00/