Islamic Summit Minar Charing Cross

Siddique Shahzad Lahore

The Islamic Summit Minar is an obelisk-shape structure, in front of Punjab Assembly Hall at the Charing Cross, Mall Road in Lahore. It was built to commemorate the Organisation of Islamic Conference held in Lahore from February 22 to February 24, 1974.

Its foundation stone was laid on 22 February 1975 on the first anniversary of the conference. Under the supervision of Pakistan Public Works Department, this 155-feet high minar was constructed by National Construction Company Pakistan Ltd., and was designed by a Turkish architect, Vadet Dalokey, who is also the designer of Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

It was designed in the spirit of Islamic unity commemorates the second Islamic Conference held at Lahore in 1974 and in which all heads of the Islamic world gathered to symbolise the Islamic unity and faith. The monument, composed of an obelisk and reflecting pool, completes the design of an urban square. Below ground are spaces for museum display, meeting rooms, and a small auditorium, a small gallery which houses antiques like pieces of art, paintings and gifts from the countries that attended the conference.

A few years ago, this gallery was a popular visiting place for the general public, however, as it faces the Provincial Assembly building, these days it is not opened for security reasons.