The Mall

Qasim Khan Lahore

The Mall in Lahore, Pakistan (also known as "Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam"), is one of Lahore's primary and most famous road. It was constructed under the British Raj and was nostalgically named after The Mall in London.

The Mall holds significant historical and cultural value, as most of the buildings lining the road are a collection of Mughal and colonial-era architecture, the majority of them built during the British Raj era. This area has many official houses of high ranking dignitaries e.g Governor House, Qurban lines etc.

Zaidis Photographers

The story of Zaidis Photographers starts in 1904, when two brothers, Syed Wazir Ali Zaidi and Syed Nazir Ali Zaidi, formerly students of Mayo School of Arts (now NCA) left Lahore in search of improving their Photographic skills and become portrait painters and photographers.