Zamzam Cold Drink At The Mall - Lahore

Qasim Khan Lahore





Which Lahorite will not remember a light-green coloured Chevrolet truck (Green Circled in Photo taken by Mr. Shahid Zaidi in 1959) parked at one or two well chosen spots on the Mall selling Zam Zam cola and A Vimto Soda under a Rupee. One was at Regal chowk and other in front of Alfalah building at Charing Cross, and sometimes in front of Kechehri, outside the Central Model School area on Lower Mall.

The first one to come was in 50s around Lakshami Chowk which was a place full of activity due to a number of cinema houses in the area. The ones on Mall Road near Regal & Chairing Cross appeared later.

 There was a polite, quiet man serving customers different flavors with the rate displayed on the side, not at 5 rupees but at 5 annas (16 annas in a rupee) per glass. It was up to early 60s. 

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