Double Decker Bus Service In Lahore

Qasim Khan Lahore

For the first time, these Leyland Double Decker buses were put on roads in Lahore city in 1951 by the Lahore Omnibus Service (LOS).

Lahorites had never seen a double deckerbus before & looked at it as if it was a new "wonder". It was a pleasure to travel sitting on the upper deck. Slowly & slowly the fleet wore out & since there were no replacements, the entire fleet vanished by late 70s.

It was pleasure to ride on these buses. The Ticket from end to end was 4 annas, and the conductor had a machine that would print the ticket.

There was several route throughout the city, Rout No. 1 was from the Mall Road to Lahore Airport.

Rout No. 2 from Krishan Nagar, Lower Mall, Regal Chowk, Malika Ka Buth (Charing Cross), Railway Station, Garhi Shahu, Dharampura, Saddar Bazar, Can tt. Pakforce Cinema, Globe Cinema, Airport, R.A. Bazar. 

Route No. 3 was from Shahnoor Studios to Darooghawala via Railway Station till Mughalpura

Another Bus route "3 Express" was introduced from Shahnoor Studios to Railway Station via Chauburji, MAO College, Jane Mandar, Secratariate,  GPO, McLeod Road.

In early 80s an auctions was held for these buses at LOS open yard at Ferozpur Road (where later the new Tollinton Market was constructed), later, someone converted one of them into a children's book library near canal park, main market, Gulberg.

Volvo Swedish buses then introduced which ruled on the rouads of Lahore from the eve of 80s to onwards.