Hippies In Lahore

Qasim Khan Lahore

A group of hippies (British, French and American) wait for a bus in Lahore (1972). Pakistan was an important destination on what was called the ‘Hippie Trail.’

The trail was used by thousands of young European and American backpackers between the late 1960s and 1979. It was an overland route that began in Turkey, ran through Iran, curved into Afghanistan and Pakistan and then from India ended in Nepal.

A huge tourist industry sprang up in these countries to accommodate the backpackers. In Pakistan, the travelers entered Peshawar (from Jalalabad in Afghanistan). From Peshawar they went to Lahore. Some took a bus into India while others visited Karachi and Swat before returning to Lahore and crossed into India.

Photo: Rory MacLean @ Flickr

At the centre Tony Wheeler and his wife-to-be Maureen. The woman on the left is Carol Clewlow, then working as a journalist in Belfast. The bearded man is David Watson, also a Belfast journalist who is still with the Belfast Telegraph.

Detail by: Nadeem F. Paracha/Dawn