Lahore Memories - Roy Holliday Posing At Lahore Railway Station

Qasim Khan Lahore

Lahore Memories - 0048: Mr. Roy Holliday, posing at Lahore Railway Station while his journey to Karachi c. 1947

There written "Lahore" in English, Gurmukhi (Punjabi), Hindi and Urdu respectively.

The photo was sent by Mr. Roy Holliday (87-Years old now) to Naresh Fernandes, A Journalist / Author.

Naresh Fernandes provided following detail to Project Lahore Team regarding this photograph and Roy Holliday memoir:

"Roy Holliday, who  was in India with the Royal Air Force just after WWII. Later, he started his career as a musician resumed when he return to the UK at Independence. 

Roy says in his unpublished memoir "June 1947, three of us, a clarinettist, a trumpet player and myself, made our way to Karachi’s railway station to begin our  24-hour rail journey involving a least one change of train. 

We arrived at Lahore Just a little late at 7.30 am, and had a three hour wait for the train to take us on the next stage of our journey. The time passed very quickly, because the station was thronged with people of all kinds, a very colourful scene in every sense.

Project Lahroe Team is thankful to Mr. Naresh Fernandes for providing detail about this photograph.

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