Model Town Society

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A Society originally laid down as the concept of a "Garden Town" having "Agricultural Farm", "Vegetable Garden" and "Fruits Garden", a dream of  Dewan Khem Chand.

In 1921 when about 200 persons assembled in Lahore's Town Hall under the chairmanship of Sir Ganga Ram and decided to establish a cooperative housing society to be named as garden town.

The meeting approved Diwan Khem Chand's proposed housing scheme based on cooperative principles in the suburbs of Lahore to solve housing problems and also to provide improved sanitary and better living facilities for the residents, and thus the government was requested to provide a 2000 acre (4 km²) plot of land.

At the time of partition, total Number of Members of Society were 1366, out of which 277 were Muslims & Christians and 1089 were Hindus, Sikhs. 

The Society was declared Evacuee property after the Indo-Pak partition in 1947, as 85% of the plots belonged to non Muslims where 1100 out of 1300 members emigrated to India.

In 1960 the Chief Settlement & Rehabilitation Commissioner  allowed it as Legal entity and was allowed to be registered as Cooperative Model Town Society on the payment of Rs. 100/- in Government Treasury as token money.  All Assets & liabilities of the old Society including those properties declared Evacuee were transferred to the present Society.  Society were  registered under the Cooperative Societies Act 1925. 

The basic object of the Society, however continued to be the same as originally planned, namely to promote the economic and social interests of its members and more  to lay out, establish and maintain a garden town.

Image - Map of Model Town c. 1937 (Source and Rights: Emmy Eustace, UK)