Shoot Of Hollywood Film Bhowani Junction At Lahore

Qasim Khan Blogs

In the April of 1955, Lahore was shaken by an extraordinary event and for a few dizzying days, residents from the City of Gardens converged on the railway station to catch a glimpse of one of Hollywood’s most glamorous pair - Ava Gardner and Stewart Granger.

Ava Gardner and Stewart Granger arrived in Lahore with a full filming crew to shoot a major portion of the film ‘Bhowani Junction.’

A part of the station itself bore a strange look with lights, reflective mirrors, filming equipment and the awesome atmosphere that usually prevails on movie sets, for this was what it was - the locale for the shooting of the great film, Bhowani Junction. 

Bhowani Junction, based on a novel with the same name, made by MGM. MGM had wanted to shoot the film in location in India; but, as the government of India insisted on script approval and imposed high taxes, MGM decided to film in Pakistan where the government was more welcoming.

Pakistani film star Neelo appeared in a small role as a reporter in a crowd scene. Neelo was introduced to Cukor by A. H. Rana, the film's production manager and casting assistant in Pakistan, who worked with the film's casting director, Harvey Woods. This was her first role in a movie. 

Another Lahore based actress, Zohra Arshad, 18 at that time, wife of a railway official, was also selected by MGM for personal and television appearances in Hollywood during the World Premiere of the film in United States.