Lahore Canal

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Lahore Canal, starts from BRB Canal ( Bambawali Ravi-Bedian Canal) that was initially built by the Mughals, a 60 km long extension was made towards west of the city till the Raiwind by the British Government in 1861.

It is a centre of a unique linear park that serves as one of the longest public green belts and popular recreational destination spots and it is bounded by roads on either side called the Canal Bank Road.

The canal is an important part of Lahore's culture. During summers, its very sight is a relief to the Lahoris. In those hot, simmering days hundreds of people come to swim. They eat watermelons and generally have good time in the canal. Young boys make the crowd but in the evenings one sees a good number of families sitting on the banks, the women with their feet in the water.

On local, national and religious festivals, such as Jashn-e-Baharan (the welcoming of spring), Basant, Eid, Pakistan's Independence Day and Pakistan Day the canal is illuminated with lights and different types of decor are laid out into the water - relevant to the festival.